Whitening Articles
Eat Well for Whiter Teeth – Tooth Whitening London
What you put into your mouth to chew on inevitably affects the health of your teeth.

More Children Visit the Dentist at a Younger Age – Teeth Whitening
It’s great news to find out that more and more children are visiting dentists at a very young age than ever before.

Sink your Teeth into Apples – Tooth Whitening
Everyone want to love their lives and live a long time, but you need to keep fit and eat healthily to do it.

The Psychology Behind Wishing for White Teeth
As with any body image issue many people believe that if they lose weight, have a face lift, breast enhancement or whiten their teeth, their whole life will change for the better.

Just Who is the Tooth Fairy? – White teeth
All over the world there are different tales about the Tooth Fairy and the traditions that surround what happens to your tooth when it falls out when you’re a child.

Teeth Whitening Could Re-invent Your Smile
If your teeth could do with a spring clean, teeth whitening could re-invent your smile, making you feel more confident and give you the smile you’ve always wanted, but what causes discoloured teeth? Read on to find out.

Tooth Whitening Can Give You That Hollywood Smile of Your Dreams
Shiny white teeth can enhance a person’s looks more than many other beauty treatments and often tooth whitening is the first area that the makeover teams target on their television shows. So if you’re looking to brighten your smile read our easy to understand guide below.

A Brief History of Tooth Whitening
White teeth have been sought after all throughout history, but gone are the days when your local 18th century barber would apply corrosive acid to your teeth to brighten them up and destroy the enamel in the process. Read our brief history of teeth whitening for how it became much safer and, unsurprisingly much more popular.

Is Teeth Whitening for You?
Many people who consider teeth whitening have realised that they have developed discoloration of their teeth due to a variety of reasons.

Are There any Dangers to Teeth Whitening?
With more and more Brits taking seeking teeth whitening services from orthodontic experts, it’s only human nature to question the pros and cons of the treatment.

Teeth Whitener-Shine for your Special Occasion
If you have a special event coming up like a wedding or a birthday it is essential that you look your best. Your local dentist can ensure you are ready for your event with a simple splash of teeth whitener.

Teeth Whitening for Rodents
The Brits have a reputation for being a bit barmy over their pets. But teeth whitening for a hamster is surely a step too far?

Teeth Whitening London-What’s the Alternative?
If you are looking to perfect your smile you may have looked into teeth whitening. London’s dental experts have a whole host of treatments available. Ensure you pick the right one for you.

Tooth Whitening-Kerry Katona’s Secret Weapon
Kerry Katona is constantly gracing the pages of fashion magazines whether it is to tell the world about her tremendous weight gain or weight loss. The former atomic kitten star has recently undergone a make over of tremendous proportions. What’s her secret? Tooth whitening among other things.

Tooth Whitening London-Sensitive Teeth
If you have sensitive teeth you may be wary of tooth whitening. London orthodontists can advise you on your available whitening options.

Teeth Whitening - London Celebs and the ‘Simon Cowell Effect’
London is home to the UK media and celebrity circuit. And Simon Cowell is leading the teeth whitening revolution.

Teeth Whitening a Priority for Irish
The Irish are not known for their pride in their teeth, but research suggests that teeth whitening is more of priority for Irish people than cavities or receding gums.

Teeth Whitening Tax – America Gets Tough
America and Canada offer tax subsidies for some medical costs, but the federal government in Ottawa has said it will no longer subsidise vanity.

Teeth Whitening - Same Day Service
If you are ready to take action on stained crooked teeth why not take advantage of same day teeth whitening services and transform that smile in an instant.

Teeth Whitening - The Metrosexual Man
Over the years men have become more and more comfortable with showing their feminine side but how far is too far? David Beckham started the sensation by stepping out in a sarong but as men explore traditionally female pastimes such as spray tans and teeth whitening we ask what happened to the men of old?

Tooth Whitening - Celebrities Splash Out
When it comes to tooth whitening, it is all in a day’s work for some of the Hollywood Elite.

Tooth Whitening - How Young is Too Young?
Everybody wants to know what the secret to a happy life is – and the answer could lie in your smile.

Is Tooth Whitening the Secret of Happiness?
With dazzling white teeth smiling up at us from the pages of teen magazines it is no surprise that teenagers want to look like their idols. With more and more teens enquiring about tooth whitening treatments the question is how young is too young?

Teeth Whitener – The Dentist’s Verdict
If you’re looking for an effective teeth whitener, it can be tempting to turn to DIY kits.

Teeth Whitener – When White is Alright
Teeth whitening is now something of a national obsession but can we have too much of teeth whitener?

Teeth Whitening – A Million Dollar Smile
If you want a million-dollar smile you can have one – with expert teeth whitening.

Teeth Whitening and the London Fashion Scene
When it comes to fashion, it isn’t just clothes that count – teeth whitening is all part of getting the right look.

The British Dental Health Foundation’s Tips on Teeth Whitener
When it comes to tooth whitening, you should be aware of what the procedure involves.

Tooth Whitening – Don’t Do it Yourself
If you’re desperate for tooth whitening, experts advise you don’t resort to a DIY job.

Tooth Whitening Could Boost Your Prospects
Our TV sets are crammed with shows on makeovers and how to improve our look – and tooth whitening is central to any success story.

Tooth Whitening in London Beats the Blues
Every year, the UK struggles through what’s been dubbed the most depressing day of the year – Blue Monday.

Teeth Whitening – First Impressions Count
In one tenth of a second your fate could be decided – make sure you have something to smile about.

Teeth Whitening – Too Good to be True?
If a teeth whitening product seems to good to be true, it probably is.

Tooth Whitening – London’s Best Treatments For You
If you’re considering tooth whitening, London’s clinics can offer a treatment that works for you.

Tooth Whitening – London Patients Need Aftercare Advice
If you’re considering getting tooth whitening in London, make sure you get the right aftercare advice.

Tooth Whitening – London Clinics Help to Beat Ageing
Fight the signs of ageing with tooth whitening from London specialists.

Teeth Whitening – London Patients Choose Top Treatments
If you’ve decided to look into teeth whitening, London clinics are ready to help.

Teeth Whitening – London Offers Confidence Boost
Remove stains by choosing teeth whitening from London experts.

Teeth Whitening – London Clinics Near You
Find top treatment for teeth whitening – London has a clinic near you.

Teeth Whitener Systems Brighten Your Smile
Investigate how teeth whitener products can give you a great smile.

Teeth Whitener – Why You Should Check Out
Before choosing a teeth whitener treatment, make sure you check things out with a dentist.